Thursday, April 1, 2010

1 AM Blogging

Ok possums, it's technically only 12:30, and wiser, more insightful words might be said (or typed) at a more reasonable time. But rationality hasn't been a strong suit lately. Still, it's spring, and with it comes green shoots. So, without further ado, the updates in my life: fellowship interviews have gone well and I should be hearing back in a few weeks. I made it to the next round of the foreign service officer process. This was the part I didn't pass last year, but it's been a year of great experiences (thanks HoCo!) that will make these "personal narratives" even more awesome (I hope) and get me to the oral interview part where I can wow them with my in-person charm and brilliance (and if that doesn't work, don't think I wouldn't sink to Monica Lewinsky levels). Also, routine gymming and M's ruthless insistence on healthy eating means I check myself out more in the mirror. Narcissistic? Maybe a little, but it sure beats my previous bouts of low self-esteem. Yes, so even though my comfy Widener job is ending this week, and don't know what exactly I'll be doing Monday, it's an interesting time in Isaac-land (long-lost friends, please come visit!). Plus all these essays I get to write means I'll have many opportunities for deep introspection. Stay tuned...

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