Saturday, March 20, 2010

New Beginnings

It's been a long time possums, but I feel the mood to blog. I guess a 7-mile run will do that to you. Yes, you read right. Seven. Freakin. Miles. Now, J-fa and I are training for a half-marathon. Nothing like a little self-punishment to get all the anger out, right? Why am I angry, you ask? Well, some people may be happy to discover their ex took three whole weeks to find someone new. Me, I got angry. And now, I'll channel that anger towards something productive. I imagine it'll be a great feeling of accomplishment when I finish that 13th mile in May.

On the work front, it's been mostly positive. A few interviews for fellowships have gone well, so I'm hopeful come June I'll have some certainty in my life. But in the meanwhile, I'm enjoying this sense of rootlessness. I guess a little sunshine brings some optimism.

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