Wednesday, February 25, 2009

How Do You Cope...

with procrastination? With the stresses of everyday life? Me, I seem to not cope, or at least, not cope well. Instead, I hide under my bedcovers, cowering from the mountain of homework, commitments, and responsibilities. I waste away days sleeping, seeking escape in a dream-world where there are no papers due tomorrow, no life decisions to be made. Once again, as with the semester before I left, I find myself shirking my duties as a student, as a son, and as a friend. I check the most meager item off my to-do list and call it a productive day, ignoring the upcoming barrage of deadlines and due dates. I know I'm not alone in these feelings, as today's Crimson feature of Harvard's Mental Health Awareness Week showed. I know there are places and people I can turn to to get help. The problem is that I utilized these resources before, shouldn't that mean I don't have to again? Shouldn't I have learned something, grown, matured, and now be able to deal with the repeated circumstance on my own? Or will this pride, fear, and doubt lead to another failed semester?

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