Wednesday, June 11, 2008

From my Corner Office

Yes, that's right. I have a corner office, all to myself. Of course, it's only because the Consulate is kind of understaffed in a pretty big building. Which leads me to the subject of my job. Being left to my own devices all day mostly means that I have time to, well, blog, check email, Facebook, etc. True, it's only my 3rd day here, so I guess I can't expect to become diplomat extraordinaire anytime soon. Instead, my first assignment is to read the local newspapers. So, for now, a pretty sweet gig.

In other news, truckers are striking to protest high gas prices. I'm a little worried because I need to go grocery shopping and all the supermarkets are saying they're going to start running out of food by tomorrow. On the plus side, I'm really glad I don't drive, since as part of the strike, trucks are blocking traffic, creating huge jams in all the big cities.

And of course, an update on my hero, Barack Obama. Or rather, an update on what out-of-touch, white, conservative TV pundits think of Obama. Namely, that he's a terrorist. Who makes "terrorist fist jabs" with his wife. Really Fox News? Really? I wonder how many athletes and young people are now classified as terrorists according to Fox News.

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