Thursday, June 12, 2008

You go Norway!

Norway becomes the latest country to guarantee marriage equality! Here's to the USA getting on the train soon, especially since finally letting all the divas have their day will mean big bucks! After all, gay men are the pickiest species. Or we could all listen to the radical right, and continue denying equal rights to citizens, since gay marriage did kill the dinosaurs.

In work news, I got my first real assignment yesterday! I'm writing a report on recent elections for a leftist political party. One of the many reasons why I love Europe so much, the left here is way crazier than anything the Democrats could come up with. Even the conservative parties over here are sometimes to the left of the Dems. But, progess will come in time, especially if we get Obama elected. Anyway, I realize the assignment isn't all that exciting/groundbreaking, but it's a start.

Remember to fill me in and all the wonderful happenings in your corners of the world!

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