Saturday, January 16, 2010

And the Oscar Goes To...

It's been a long time possums. First things first: AVATAR! (WARNING: SPOILER ALERT) It was such a good movie! Yes, the plot may have been a recycled amalgamation of every white-man-turns-native-and-saves-the-day-plus-don't-be-greedy-save-the-rainforest storyline, but the effects drove the point even deeper than I've ever felt. I seriously cried when they destroyed the Hometree.

Second. Real life sucks. Ok, the past week and a half has been a lot of fun with blockmates and friends, but I don't know if I went to spend the best years of my life paying my dues. On the other (and probably weightier) hand, I don't see any other way forward. So here I am. Working at Widener ILL, bumming off my friends' couch and goodwill, trying to find a job and an apartment, and generally trying to figure out this thing they call life. Oh Harvard, so many opportunities you've provided and yet so little I feel I've actually learned/gained. At least you haven't completely kicked me off the teat. Yet. In the meantime possums, if you know of any interesting job opportunity in this sucky economy fit for a liberal arts gov major, let me know, k?


PS. If you're a Mass. resident, please vote Tuesday for Martha Coakley. Kthnxbai

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Lee Ee Leen said...

Avatar would win, no contest
great blog btw