Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Embrace the Inner Junkie

Political junkie, not, you know, crack.

As part of Hell Week 2009, I attended a job fair with different government (mostly federal) agencies. And I wonder why I thought anything else would be my calling. I'm not the deepest of thinkers. I'm not sure I can call myself a wonk. I don't know all the contours and crevices of every (or even one) public policy. But I love government. I love the work of government. Whether it's political or technocratic, I think it truly is my calling. So, after that encouraging episode of handing out resumes (although not quite like they were going out of style; I was a little more circumspect), I may have caught my second wind in the job hunt. Moral of the story: follow your dreams, people!

So, 3 midterms and one paper down, with one final paper to go, the end is in sight. This week wasn't perfect as far as the Sisyphean task of becoming a more dependable person, but considering the crushing burden I've felt since last Thursday, I would deem it a comeback.

Also, procrasturbation is my new favorite word. Thanks HarvardFML.

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