Tuesday, August 18, 2009

On the Near Future

Countdown to New Mexico - 4 days

Something about scraping by on library assistant wages makes home seem even more welcome than before. Walking through the yard after work made me realize how much I still need to grow up, so I spent 2 hours in the Science Center "researching" jobs. Moral of the story: I'm afraid I'm fucked. And I'm afraid I don't really comprehend just how much I'm fucked. It is an unknown unknown!

New time-biding plan : Find a secret Harvard fund to pay for a White House internship in the spring. So as I try for the Foreign Service a second time, I will either have a job or work for Obama; win-win?


lost said...

lol have you checked out the fellowships Harvard offers? That might be a good route to go down while you're working on the foreign civil service exam =).

A Diva In My Own Mind said...

I have, but I need to talk with OCS. It's their job, right? Miss you honey!