Monday, April 20, 2009

Slipping Through My Fingers

As usual, I'm writing this as a way to procrastinate on my 6-page paper due tomorrow. This weekend, besides being as unproductive as all the others, took a turn for the worse when I started flaking out on my friends and HoCo. I love both of them; they give extraordinary meaning to my time and purpose here at Harvard. But something in me would rather waste time on the internet, or sleep, than go to Drag Night or plan formal. And the worst part is I'm losing time with most of my friends who, unlike me, will not be returning for a semester. There is less than 2 months to spend with them, and a well-balanced person would do his homework so he can fit in HoCo responsibilities and find time to hang out with his friends. But if the take away point from this year-old blog is that I'm not a well-balanced person. And the time to change that is slipping through my fingers.

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