Monday, March 30, 2009

Birth of a Politician

So apparently, one of my HoCo co-chair campaign promises was to have Leverett spring formal at Top of the Hub, a restaurant on top of Boston's tallest skyscraper, the Prudential Tower. I was intrigued by this option last semester, when Lev joined Quincy, PfoHo (with whom we won Risk two years ago), and Cabot (who just tags along with PfoHo?) to have formal in a tent in the quad. It was a cheaper option that saved us a lot of money, sold out, and though not perfect, was a pretty damn good party.

Which is the stage for the current debate. This semester, Top of the Hub is again an option for formal. Tickets would be $30 and a cash bar only (where drinks are at least $8). Or, we could do something that's never been done before, have a multi-venue formal in our own house, for half the cost of Top of the Hub. While Top of the Hub does have an amazing view, and experiencing formal there for $30 is basically a steal, the arguments for Lev courtyard formal won me over both personally and as co-chair.

I think our Old Library, as a former HoCo member said, is one of the best kept secrets of campus party spaces. An elegant tent looking out over McKinlock's beautiful view of the Charles would be almost as good as Top of the Hub. And the cheaper price means a more diverse set of Leverites would come out. Plus, open bar.

In short, I'm reneging on a campaign pledge. It's sad what a politician I've become.

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