Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Homo for the Holidays

First time I've been online since I've been back in lovely New Mexico. Or not so lovely, it's about as cold here as it was in Cambridge, brrr. I've been really enjoying my vacation, perhaps a little too much considering I have a paper due the day after New Years (I hate Harvard sometimes). What makes it worse is that it's for a class (nano-things) I don't like and have stopped going to. We'll see how it goes. Hopefully better than my Latin American relations paper, which I turned in an hour late after skipping class.

But that's all peripheral, because now I'm home with my family who I have missed and am glad to be spending time with (apart from this little internet jaunt, obvi). In a breakthrough of sorts, I'm not so afraid my sexuality will come out. I've faced my real failures, and being gay is not one of them and if my family wants to know that, I'm ready to let them know.

Goodwill towards men.

ps. I've never had so many dreams about Harvard peeps than I have in the past few days, crush included. They've been fun, hehe.

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lost said...

You go tell 'em hunny!

Happy New Year!