Saturday, June 14, 2008

God, I Love Football (eh, Soccer)

So, being in Europe for the Euro 2008 soccer championships (or EuroCopa, as they call it here in Espana), I am surrounded by futbol. Now, I can usually ignore what I see as the last vestiges of Neanderthalism that is sport. But, in trying to connect with my roommates yesterday, I forced myself to watch the match between the Netherlands and France.
And that's when I fell in love with Robin van Persie. Yum.

But on to other news. Thursday, I got invited by my boss (yes, the eminent Consul-General of the United States in Barcelona) to a little fiesta at our Russian counter part for their National Day. Now I was a little hesitant, but I'm glad I did go, mostly because there was free booze. (Don't worry, I did restrain myself to just two glasses of cava (champagne). But chatting with middle-aged diplomats from all over the world (Mexico, Japan, Pakistan, Germany, etc.) was really exciting and not an opportunity many people have.

The point: I'm feeling more confident about joining the foreign service. Now there's just the little issue of passing the test, which I've heard can be a real bitch.

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Rafael said...

i love that the only thing you got out of a soccer game was a cute guy.

there should have been at LEAST 5 hot guys out on the field ;)