Saturday, May 31, 2008

I May Have to Change the Name...

of the blog. At least for the weekend, since... I'M BACK!!! Just got back to Harvard this morning, and after a very low-key day (with a 5 1/2 hour nap!), I can say I definitely missed it. After hearing all I missed from J-Yan, Phil, and Christy, I can't help but wonder if I'd be any different a person than what I am now.

Taking time off was the most stress-relieving thing I could've ever done, and probably should have done it a whole semester earlier. Even though I had to take care of a lot of stuff for my internship, and was constantly worrying about things, like money, it was nothing compared to dealing with being on academic probation here, and having to take care of all that other stuff too. Not that I don't regret missing out on everyone's adventures, and foregoing my own adventures; but I believe I'm happier for spending 4 months with my family, even if it was in West Bumblefuck, NM. And since my Barcelona internship will be a very formative and informative experience, it's quite swell that I'm going into it happy and (relatively) stress-free.

So I'll keep you all informed of my exploits, and possibly sexploits, while here in fun ol' Cambridge. And of course, all my fun Barcelona updates will be here as well. I promise it won't be a repeat of my Madrid blog!

Come see me!

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