Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Obama is Freakin' Amazing!

Barack Obama's "Race in America" Speech

So apparently Barack Obama's pastor said some not-very-nice things about the U.S. and Obama's taking the flak for it. So after spending most of the last week trying to denounce the remarks, Obama courageously gave a well-thought-out, reconciling speech about "the race issue."

As many of my friends know, I'm an avid Obama supporter, and this speech was brilliant. What impresses me the most is that, unlike our current mistake of a president, he thinks, and unlike Hillary, he thinks for himself. After listening to that speech, I don't know how anyone (especially certain members of my family) could think Barack is anything but a Christian. It wasn't just the direct biblical references that provide it, but the very spirit of this speech, and his entire campaign really, is built on the supremely Christian principles of love for your neighbor, faith, and hope.

While I, unlike the vast majority of Americans, do not have an intense like or dislike for Hillary, and would vote for her if she were the nominee, I think not electing Barack Obama would be the stupidest thing this country has done since November 2004. Obama is a candidate who has the most important quality we need in our leaders in our super complicated, increasingly interconnected world, he thinks for himself! It's not just about mere intelligence, it's about deeply considering every least nuance of an issue, the conviction to believe you arrived at the right decision, and the courage to admit that human imperfection means you might be wrong. I'm so sick of Bush's irrational arrogance in his ability to be the "decider." I truly believe this country needs Obama.

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