Monday, November 23, 2009

It's A Love Story

Well, maybe not "love" quite yet. I've had bad experiences when that emotion is expressed prematurely. But I spent an entire romantic hour with J after the Harvard-Yale. I've been with J before, at Yale 2 years ago, and so I expected to at least see him again. I didn't expect to kiss in a hammock under the starlit sky, cuddling with our rival Harvard-Yale sweatshirts. Will it go somewhere? Unclear. He's in New York and I'm here for another month, and then on God's good humor after. Is it worth chasing his lead? Definitely yes. He's the closest chance I think I've had to my perfect guy: my age, hot, smart, fun and funny, and so, so into me.

But let's not rush things.


J and I are going to Four: A Winter Formal. Squeal!


AC said...

=D <3

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