Friday, August 7, 2009


Old people rioting? I'm really interested to see what kind of political conversations/arguments I'll get into with my family when I go home in 2 weeks. Almost my entire family is conservative and vote Republican even if they're registered Democrats. Me, my mom, and my sister being the lone exceptions. From what I hear from my mom, my grandparents and uncle might be birthers, and though I hate calling my family lunatics, believing Obama is Muslim and was born in any place other than Honolulu is quite crazy. (This mostly stems from a religious, rather than racial, bigotry.)
In past political discussions, I've been too ashamed/fearful of being called out for not knowing enough, so I haven't been as vocal to my family about my librul views. I think if health care reform comes up, that'll change. Because if my 65+ yo grandparents start spouting nonsense about "socialized, government-run health care", well, hello Medicare.