Monday, March 16, 2009

I Respectfully Disagree

So the Crimson's new FlyByBlog is sizing up all of Harvard's houses in anticipation of Housing Day on Thursday, when the freshmen will be sorted, sadly using computers instead of a singing hat. Unfortunately, the Crimson editors got their series off to a rocky start when they gave Leverett a BBB rating. The truly sad part is that the author of the Lev post actually lives in Leverett. All I can say is he and I haven't been living in the same house this year.

In other news, I have two midterms this week (tomorrow, and Thursday, FML). I'm getting a little exasperated with Gossip Girl, hopefully tonight's slightly-less-horrible-but-still-off-its-peak episode was the end of all those silly, pointless side stories, probably created just to give Chuck, Nate, and Vanessa something to do. What pissed me off the most was that Chuck's little "I have to find this really hot chick and save her" adventure seemed to have nothing to do with his character development after Bart's death. If I'm not gonna learn anything new about a character, these masturbatory sidetracks are beyond useless. Gossip Girl is my guilty pleasure, but the pleasure is increasingly hard to find. CW, take note.

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Brian said...

I will say this year has been the best - but that's probably because we're seniors now and know that we want to make it the best year ever? I am glad to have many of my friends in this house, and know that I'll keep in touch with them even after we graduate too.

House spirit is definitely what you make of it. And this is coming from a person who transferred houses.