Wednesday, December 3, 2008

T-minus 2 Weeks

I have two weeks left until I go home for Christmas. Unfortunately, I have a midterm and two papers due before I leave and I did not get any work done over Thanksgiving break, so it won't be a sprint, more of a slow, burdensome trudge till the end. The worst part, it's not even the end of the semester. Because of Harvard's retarded schedule, I have to come back right after New Years to study for and take final exams.

Personally (as in psycho-emotionally), I'm sort of in a rough patch right now. It takes a lot for me to say that because I know friends and at least one family member reads this blog. But if there's one thing I did learn from my semester off, it's that it's ok to admit to being weak, to needing help. Doing so doesn't diminish me as a person, nor detract from past and future accomplishments. I fear it's a return to exactly one year ago, with missing classes and waiting until the last possible minute to finish assignments. But the fear isn't enough of a deterrent, and ironically, neither is a positive result (like good grades) for poor work. It just creates a dangerous feedback mechanism, where I push the boundary of procrastination, somehow manage to pull of a 7-page paper in one night, get rewarded for it, and try to push it even further. After some success with this freshman and sophomore year, I pushed a little too hard junior fall and got burned horribly. So what's the plan for the next two weeks, with major homework, trying to earn some money, pressing extracurricular commitments, and not to mention some relationship issues all vying for attention? I don't have a fucking clue. And it scares me.

On a lighter note, gay celebrities and allies made this awesome video about Proposition 8 (or as I like to think of it, Prop H8). Enjoy!
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