Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Questioning, Trying, Getting Better

This post's title was my Gchat status for a few weeks, so a friend asked me about it.
L: what's your away msg about?19:24 Yo [as in "me"]: oh, just the usual, sleeping too much, procrastinating a lot, not getting work done, flaking out on things
but things are better now
L: aww you're so good at self-reflection
19:25 and being constructive
Yo: haha, thanks
19:26 L: i'm still procrastinating, after 21 years
and not getting work done
19:27 Yo: well, i'm procrastinating at the moment too, so it's not a perfect situation, but it could be (and has been) a lot worse
19:29 L: just these past weeks?
Yo: no, mostly before i took time off
L: with classes or other things
oh okay
Yo: but i sort of felt it getting to that point a couple of weeks ago
19:30 L: don't worry!
19:31 you're picking it back up
And I am picking it back up. I've been waking up on time for class (really, a small but important improvement), I've earned pretty decent grades on my work so far, and I feel connected to a lot of my friends (though there are some I'd still like to see more of). I don't know what the direct cause of all this was. A mini-epiphany maybe, about a week and a half ago that I need to pull myself together. I have to get off academic probation and get my GPA up (I will need a job, eventually). I have a lot of work left to do, but it is getting better.

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