Friday, August 22, 2008

How Many Houses Do You Own?

I'm gonna have to change the name of the blog again since I'm back in the States :(

And of course, from the moment I got back here, I've been voraciously following the political news. Obama's expected to announce his veep pick tomorrow, and the Democratic National Convention starts on Monday! But the real gem is this:

When asked how many houses he owns, John McCain DIDN'T KNOW!! His exact words were "I'll have my staff get to you."Really? You actually have people to keep track of how many houses you have? Oh God, please let this be the "Kerry-gone-windsurfing" moment of this campaign. All over this country, people are losing their homes to a financial system gone haywire, but for the extremely wealthy, like the McCains, who have profited enormously from the Bush presidency, there is no worry about putting a roof over their head. The actual count is somewhere between 7 and 12 (depending on the definition of "home") 7 houses?! And yet, Obama is the elitist, dincha know? Only in the senile delusions of a sad, old man would that make any sense.

Please people, this country cannot afford a 3rd Bush term, please vote American, vote Democrat.

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