Tuesday, July 22, 2008

So we like Obama, get over it

So here goes a political post on, again, why Obama should be president. This is my first attempt at "analyzing" the presidential race, so don't be too hard on me.

Apparently, John McCain and his campaign team aren't exactly thrilled that Obama is so popular in the U.S. or here in Europe. McFailure posted a new YouTube video that pokes fun at the media's (mostly MSNBC and no Fox "News") coverage of Obama, basically saying they're "in the tank" for him. His newest attack ad, blaming Obama for $4+ gas, features audio of chants of 'O-ba-ma, O-ba-ma.' One of McAncient's top aides also attempted to make fun of how the news anchors of NBC, ABC, and CBS are traveling with Obama on his overseas trip this week. He said '''The One' went to Europe and homage must be paid."

Let's get the easy one out of the way first. For a long-ass time, McBush and the press have had a pretty cozy relationship. This only strengthened during his upset victory in the 2000 New Hampshire Republican primary and definitely continued to this campaign. He even called the press his "base." I, for one, have definitely given up on any hope of having a journalistic class that is committed to reporting the truth fairly, because if that were the case, they would have questioned everything the Bush "Administration" has done to ruin our nation over the last 7 1/2 years. I think they've just become so lazy that they find the easiest narrative possible and stick with it, come hell, high water, or facts. So, McSame is a "maverick," and his military service automatically qualifies him to become president, and anyone who disagrees with that is unfairly attacking a "war hero." Suddenly, this new, young, inspirational guy shows up and starts drawing huge crowds, the media starts reporting this, and this means we're all naive, stupid rubes who go ga-ga over pretty words? Come on McCain, if you're jealous, just say it.

For me, yes, Obama represents change, but I know he's not a perfect "messiah." I understand he's a politician, and will make compromises I'm not comfortable with. But despite that, I support him because he supports issues I care about: further equality for LGBTs, universal health care, a more progressive tax code, a more realistic and compassionate foreign policy. Not to mention he's is way smarter than the absolute moron that is our current president. The fact that he's a good orator and can communicate his ideas well is just icing on the cake.

As for Obama's popularity in Europe, since when is it bad thing that the rest of the world actually likes someone who could be our next president? Really. Can someone tell me just how having the rest of the world despise George Bush makes us better off? Like Arianna Huffington says,

Of course, at no point does the McCain campaign or anyone in the media point out what, exactly, is the danger to America if our closest allies actually, you know, don't hate us.

They also fail to mention that along with being our allies, the European countries Obama is visiting are also democracies -- so it's a lot easier for their leaders to make nice with us if their constituents don't view our president as an object of disdain and ridicule.

Being in Spain, one of the inevitable questions is something on the presidential race. In fact, my first day of work my boss said how happy she was that Obama won the primary.

Basically, McCane should stop worrying about Obama's popularity, and maybe, focus on boosting his own. After all, if he does win, wouldn't he want the rest of the world to like him?

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