Wednesday, March 5, 2008

An Inauguration, Christening, or Whatever

Welcome friends, to my second attempt at blogging. I'm sure you're all quivering with anticipation, eager to find out just what exactly I've been doing with myself in the last six weeks since I left Harvard.

The answer: Absolutely nothing! That's right, my days have been mostly made-up of sitting for hours in the local college's library to use their Wi-Fi. And those are the days I actually wake up earlier than 2 or 3 in the afternoon and get my lazy ass out of the house. 6 weeks and I can almost count the number of places I've been on one hand. True, I could spout a lot of excuses (I have to share a car with my sis, there's not a lot of places to go in small-town New Mexico, etc.) But ultimately, I have to 'fess up and say that I haven't done much of anything because I'm still afflicted with what convinced me to take a break from fair Harvard; apathy and lethargy, perhaps mixed with a very small dose of depression. The irony is that I wanted to get away from that place so I could work on all that, put my days of really stupid procrastination behind me.

So, although every bit of common sense, my family, and my bank account tell me that I need to get my act together, get of the house, find a job, and get some semblance of a life for the next three months I'll be here, I simply don't wanna. And that's sad, very sad. So until my half-assed attempts at self-therapy or a stern lecture from my mother (which hasn't happened since I was, like, 6) persuade me do such a thing, I suppose I'll continue wasting my days away with TV, computer games, and books. Fabulous! (B-t-dubs, primary-mania has me hooked on CNN and MSNBC, the gov-geek inside of me is dying of happiness.)

Anywho, to all my triple-b buddies and other Harvard friends who may be reading this, I miss you terribly. Although I was hoping to come visit for pre-frosh weekend, the lack of a job (and hence, dinero) has put that plan into jeopardy. So, even though I might not see most of you until September, here's to our reunion being that much sweeter.

Peace and love!

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